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Support, advocacy, accompaniment, referrals, outreach and advocacy for a variety of services:


  • Legal Aid

  • Court Navigation - Family Court, Support with legal proceedings

  • Housing

  • Health Care

  • Mental Health and Addictions

  • Trauma Therapy

  • Income Assistance

  • Support Counselling

  • Safety Planning

  • Community Experts on Domestic Violence / Intimate Partner Violence

  • Child Support Worker

  • Childcare (provides childcare and support for children and mothers in house)

  • Outreach Worker (visits other communities to meet people where they are, accompaniment to court and appointments, presentations in schools, does programming such as healthy relationships & parenting)

  • Workshop Referrals (Strait Area Women's Place: budgeting, self-esteem, grief, lunch and learn, women’s wellness clinic)

  • Serves International Women (women’s center Canada)

  • Community Education

  • Leeside is part of Cape Breton Local Immigration Partnership   

Safety Planning Checklist:

-  Cellphone

-  Medications for you and your children

-  Money, cheque book, bank books, credit and debit cards, anything financial.

-  Keys to car, home, and work if applicable

-  Extra clothes

-  Birth certificates

-  Social insurance cards

-  Drivers licenses

-  Health cards

-  Passports

-  Status cards

-  Immigration cards and papers

-  Insurance papers

-  Lease and or mortgage papers

-  Divorce/ separation papers

-  Taxes

-  Copies of court orders

-  Copies of emergency protection orders

-  Address book

-  Pictures, jewellery, things that are irreplaceable to you

-  Comfort items for your children; favourite toys, blankets, stuffy.

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