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You can visit us in person at the Strait Area Women's Place or call our 24/hr confidential Crisis Line 1-800-565-3390. We'll help you navigate any situation you are facing. These links and resources are meant as an additional guides or references. They are by no means comprehensive or a reflection of the full access to services and support you will receive from our expert team.

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Legal Support

Legal Aid

Child custody, access, child and spousal maintenance/ support, paternity, some divorces and division of property. Applications for legal aid involving domestic violence are given priority.

Peace Bond

A court order that you may apply for when someone has threatened or harmed you.

Emergency Protection Orders

Short term, temporary orders to help protect victims of domestic violence.

Legal Support
Mental Health and Addictions

Engaging Men and Boys

Engaging Men and Boys

It is vital that women and men work together to end violence against women in our society. Engaging Men and Boys in ending violence against women and girls is an initiative of Status of Women Canada and there is a network of nine organizations across Canada working on projects to educate and engage:

Helpful resources:​


All Genders Helpline - NS 211

Transgender Hotline - 🔗

Egale Canada
Egale Canada 🔗

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual Youth Project
Nova Scotia Youth Project🔗

PFLAG Canada Ltd.
Pflag Canada 🔗

Pride Cape Breton
Pride Cape Breton Society - Home | Facebook 🔗

Pride Flags
Human Trafficking

What is human trafficking?

Human trafficking is a criminal offence. It involves controlling, forcing, intimidating, or deceiving a person of any age in order to exploit them through various forms of sexual exploitation or forced labour. Human trafficking does not necessarily require physical movement. 

Pimps aren’t always men, and sex workers aren’t always women. Both pimps and sex workers can be anyone: men, women, youths, members of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender (LGBT) community, etc. Not all sex workers are victims of human trafficking. 

Human trafficking and sexual exploitation can happen in communities of all sizes.

Human trafficking is happening in our community and it could happen to someone you know.

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