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Leeside Transition House

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Serving women and their children, throughout Eastern mainland Nova Scotia and Western Cape Breton Island including, but not limited to, counties of Richmond, Inverness, Guysborough and Antigonish.

Mailing Address: P.O. Box 6913, Port Hawkesbury, N.S., B9A 2W2


24/7 Crisis Line: 902-625-2444    Toll Free:  1-800-565-3390

Crisis Office: 902-625-1990
Text Only Line: 902-623-2145
Fax: 902-625-0595

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We support women and children leaving violence and abuse. We invite you to use these links below to learn more about what your visit may involve and the many types of violence and abuse we address:

We are a Violence-Against-Women Organization offering


  • Crisis supports for women and children

  • Counselling, support, advocacy and referrals

  • Child and Youth supports

  • Shelter and Housing supports


  • Outreach supports

  • Public education and awareness

  • Advocacy and public policy engagement

Leeside Transition House acts as leaders in ensuring safety and support services for women and children who are victims of violence and abuse, in partnership with Police, Child Protection, Victim Services and other community-based organizations working in public safety.

a young woman sits on the floor with her knees pulled up, with her head and arms slumped over them.

Statistics on shelters for victims of violence and abuse (2020/2021)

  • Just over four in ten (44%) shelter residents were children

  • One in five women in shelters are Indigenous

  • About 3 in 10 women in shelters belong to a visible minority group

  • Three out of ten women report abuse to the police.
    About one-quarter (24%) of violent incidents were reported to the police, with women and younger victims generally being less likely to report to police.


Source: Canadian residential facilities for victims of abuse, 2020/2021

For men suffering abuse looking for support, or for anyone who is concerned for a family member or friend, Leeside is a part of Neighbours, Friends & Families
Nova Scotia Domestic Violence Resource Centre



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